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Let's go to a Japanese castle in Comics Part 4.

Let's go to a Japanese castle in Comics (4/4)をUPしました。
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※なお、本作品を翻訳するにあたり、ご協力戴きましたRalph Johnston様に

You took much longer than I thought.
That's right! I'm impressed with your castle!

Anyway, why don't you come in

Well, if invaders get into the Tenshu, the castle is finished!

For your information, the Ishi-Otoshi works like this.
Usually it's covered.

Ho! Otherwise we would fall down.

You can also see the Sama on the walls.
They look very small from outside. From inside they are bigger.

You can aim in any direction!
What's more, the low beams and ceilings are there... to invaders from swinging their weapons.

And now, this hall is called "*Musha-Bashiri!"
*Musha: warrior/Samurai *Bashiri=Hashiri: running

It's wide enough for fully-armed guards to pass each other easily.
We can get in and out quickly!
Well then, let's go upstairs!

Wow... This ladder is very steep!

This is another defensive feature...
It stops invaders from coming up all at once like this...
I can take you on one by one!
In addition, some of the slats are removable.
We can even close the trapdoor.

But, if invaders get here, it's a futile struggle, isn't it? like you said...

...Now, the purpose of this hidden room is to conceal Musha.

The only problem is I can't afford to hire any Musha in this financial climate.

Anyway, this room is too dark...
Oh, here is the part of roof we talked about earlier.

All right then, let's go to a brighter room!

But I guess... even with defences this strong,
you can't defend against getting burned down, right?

I'm not worried about getting burned!

For one thing, the castle has "Ge-gyo!"

It used to be this shape.
They are interesting since there come in various shapes! Look for them!
The original fish shape represents water, and putting it on the roof means "pour water." It's like a charm to protect against fire.

You can see these on castles, shrines and temples!
Plus! When there is a fire, I have these to put it out by blowing water... "Shachi-hoko!"

They are very popular charms against fire and evil.
You can see them on the castle roof.

This trip has drained me... I'll head back home and drink Sake.

[Shu-gou-Tei(:Shu-gou's house)]
What are you doing here?
Well, actually...
One of my Shachi-hokos got hit by lightning and... My castle burned down!
*This has happened in history more than once.
That's why... I'm really happy to be your honourned guest.

By the way, almost all castles have a lightning rod Check it out!
If you knew that... Why didn't you get one?

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